Review: My Mantra Active Yoga Leggings

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Yoga leggings. They’re a phenomenon. Either you hate ’em or you love ’em. You’re a lover? Then you might find this review helpful in upgrading your wardrobe. You’re a hater? Please read on, and I might just convince you to give these leg huggers a try.

I am definitely a lover of yoga pants. More of some than of others (depending on how they make my butt look, which is – of course – very important in my yoga practice). But yeah, I do love a nice quality, comfortable yoga pants.

Souplesse Oblige

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon the webshop Souplesse Oblige. It’s owned by a sweet lady from Belgium named Heidi Wittevrongel. Heidi is a passionate dancer and yogi. After suffering an injury from dancing, she discovered yoga and all its benefits. She’s dived right into it and is doing a teacher training at Yogalife to learn more about the yoga philosophy.

Heidi firmly believes in wearing (and offering) dance/yoga outfits that are comfortable and elegant. Outfits that you like to wear outside the class as well. Preferably eco-friendly brands.

So about a month ago, she sent me these ‘Star Fruit Ombre’ surf and yoga leggings by My Mantra Active to try out.

I have been living in them since.

I’ve been wearing the pants to class to teach, to the surf school, to Portugal, to the beach, on the plane, to the supermarket, to bed. So trust me, it’s been thoroughly tested.

What do I think of these Star fruit Ombre Leggings?


Still working on this one…

Pros: The pants fit perfectly. They don’t crawl up or drop down. They hug my legs beautifully without stretching out. They’re so soft, I keep caressing my own legs. Which is a nice side-effect.

The print is beautiful, and the fabric is fast-drying without losing color after washing. Designed to be high-waisted and heel huggers, they stay in place.

And the best part; they’re made of recycled plastic bottles. Eco-friendly. Yay!




Cons: The only cons I can think of is that I don’t own another pair (yet). Okay, if I have to say something, it would be the price. Although, they’re definitely worth it.

What is My Mantra Active Wear?

My Mantra Active Wear is a brand from the UK with a second home in Thailand. It’s a small unique brand set up by two people crazy about yoga, surf, health, fitness and travel. They try to use as much eco-friendly FairTrade fabric as they can.

[spacer height=”18px”]You can wear the pants to the gym, the beach, to yoga and in the surf. Or, just like I do, to the supermarket.

Discount code for Soul Surf ‘n Yoga readers

You – yes you, dear Soul Surf ‘n Yoga reader! – get a discount of €10 when you order pants (or anything over €75) from Souplesse Oblige. Use the code SOULSURF.

This is how I received mine; the cutest little package.

  • Size ordered: M. They’re a small fit (so it says on Souplesse Oblige as well), so you better order a bigger size if you’re unsure. I usually wear small, but this medium fits perfectly.
  • Price: €79
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Website:
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