Review: Surfing in Bikini With Zealous Surf Bikinis

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Surfing in a bikini is the best thing in the world. Or the worst. Depending on whether you have a surf bikini that stays on or not. Are you a girl or woman who surfs and are you looking for a new surf bikini? Of course, we always are. For this review, I tested out Zealous surf bikinis, owned by a friend of mine in Bali: Marie-Kristin Krause. 

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Surfing in Bikini: Does it Stick?

The most important questions when buying a surf bikini are: does it stay ON in the surf? Will my boobs fly out when I get smashed by a 6ft set? Will I accidentally moon any marine life when I duck dive? 

Surfing in bikini with Zealous surf bikinis
Photo by Lone Reinhardt

Fortunately, for me, when I tested it out, I didn’t. My Zealous bikini stayed on. That is what it promises as well: “100% wipeout safe”. Which is what you want when you are surfing in a bikini. 

We have enough to worry about, so it’s nice if we don’t have to worry about our bikini flying off

Really, I don’t understand how some girls can surf in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie triangle bikini. That will forever remain a mystery to me, and I’m okay with that. Just give me a surf bikini that sticks – and perfect, glassy waves – and I’m happy.


Marie and Zealous

The cool thing about Zealous is that the owner, Marie-Kristin Krause, really cares about the environment and about sustainability. She made sure that the shipping is CO2 neutral and that Zealous is a member of 1% for the Planet, which means that 1% of their annual sales is donated to environmental causes. And she has also largely turned to recycled and organic materials for her bikinis. All of the Ocean ♻ Surf Bikinis are made from recycled fishing nets.

The recycled fabrics are made in Italy, and the local fabrics are ethically made in Java and Bali. Marie does a lot to support the local community in Java and Bali, including organizing regular beach clean-ups.

Functionality Surf Bikini Bottom

I need my surf bikini bottom to have a tie string. This is seriously important. It makes sure the bikini stays on your bum AND that you have something to attach your bike/car/bicycle key to. I mean, men can just stuff their entire surf kit (keys, wax, fins, extra leash, extra board) in the spacious pockets of their board shorts. Women can’t. 

Surfing in bikini with Zealous surf bikinis
Photo by Lone Reinhardt

Where are you gonna leave your keys if you find yourself somewhere remote, no shop/warung in sight, perfect waves, at 6 AM? Right, on your tie string. Luckily, all of the Zealous surf bikinis have a tie string, which is awesome when you love surfing in a bikini.

surf bikinis Zealous
Photographer: Lone Reinhart

I also love Brazilian-cut surf bikini bottoms. I’ll be honest, it took a while before I was comfortable surfing in these kinds of bottoms. But they make your bum look amazing, more so than regular bottoms. Of course, Zealous sells all different kind of bottoms so if Brazilian-cut isn’t your thing (yet), you can also find bottoms with more coverage.

Functionality Surf Bikini Top

Surfing in bikini with Zealous surf bikinis
Photo by Lone Reinhardt

I chose the Riptide Wrap surf bikini top. It looks super beautiful, although it might be a bit tricky in the surf. I mean, it’s not that it is impossible (girls surf in triangle bikinis, so I’m sure they can surf in this one as well), but I think the other versions (eg. the Signature Tops) of the Ocean ♻ Surf Bikinis might be safer to surf in.

Price of this Zealous Surf Bikini

Zealous’s surf bikini bottoms start at around $40 or €35 if you get them on sale. I think this is a super reasonable price for a good surf bikini. The bikini tops start at around $35 or €40.

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Zealous bikinis discount

Overview and Rating

PS All photos (except the one of Marie) are taken by my dear friend and amazing Art Director: Lone Reinhardt. You can see more of her work on her Instagram.

PPS This article contains some affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it helps me buy my nasi goreng for tonight.

PPPS: If you’re looking for high-quality surf watches to match your surf bikini, check out my Top 5 Surf Watches for Women.

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