How to: DIY Surf & Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

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Going on a surf and (or) yoga retreat is so much fun. You get to do what you love most, all day long. You improve your skills. You meet like-minded people, make new friends,  eat healthy, and get re-energized.

It can also be so expensive. There are retreats out there (especially here in Costa Rica) that charge no less than $2000 – excluding transport. For one single week! That’s just crazy.

They’re probably very nice though (they ought to be). But, if you’re on a budget, there’s a cheaper and more adventurous way: do it yourself! Create your own DIY Surf & Yoga Retreat in only 6 steps:

1. Choose a destination with good surf and lots of yoga.

For example: Playa Guiones in Nosara, Costa Rica. One of the most expensive areas of the country, otherwise known as the ‘Saint Tropez of Costa Rica’. Also, very beautiful consistent waves (different sections, so something for everybody – beginners, intermediates, pro’s) and lots of yoga/wellness.

2. Check out the yoga schools in the area.

The Nosara Yoga Institute has a wide selection of yoga styles (Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Yoga for athletes and surfers etc.), and is beautifully located right in the jungle and close to the beach (5-10 mins walk). Regular yoga classes are $15 (a 10 class pass is $125), community yoga classes are $10.


Nosara Yoga Institute – Yoga Shala

The Harmony Hotel (at the main street) also offers daily yoga classes ($15 per class).

3. Book your accommodation close to the yoga school(s) and beach.

A nice and affordable place to stay is Nosara Beach Hostal (they have private rooms), 5 mins walking to the beach and to the Yoga Institute.

Another option is to check out House/hostal owners rent out their (private) home for a good price.

4. Bring your own surfboard or rent one from the many surf schools.

Take a lesson if you’re a beginner, or get straight into the water and connect with the sea, the people, and yourself. Check out the daily surf forecast on

Playa Pelada, next to Playa Guiones

Playa Pelada, next to Playa Guiones

5. Pamper yourself with healthy and delicious food.

Quinoa salads, whole wheat sandwiches, natural juices at Robin’s (main street),  huge and filling smoothies (e.g. kale, spinach, banana, pineapple, coconut water) at the Nosara Yoga Institute.

6. Meet new friends in your hostal/hotel, at the yoga school or in the water!

Plenty of like-minded people everywhere, who just love to surf, do yoga and enjoy life.

Et voila. You just saved yourself (approx.) 1500 dollars! You can use that to buy a new surfboard, get your house redecorated, travel through Indonesia for 2 months, or… go on another DIY Surf & Yoga Retreat! 😉


PS. Instead of paying $150 for an airport pick-up, get on the bus. The buses are frequent, relatively comfortable and cheap. E.g. from Liberia to Nicoya, and Nicoya to Nosara/Playa Guiones it’s less than $15. Check out the bus schedule on

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