First ever Women’s International Surfing Month

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I totally, absolutely love this campaign: on May 1st 2015, the first ever Women’s International Surfing Month kicks off! Organized by The Wahine Project, it is a month intended to globally celebrate women’s wave riding. YESSS, count me in!!

An American project, the Wahine Project organizes all kinds of girls/women related surf events. Their main objective is to eliminate (cultural) barriers for girls and women to learn how to surf.

Institute for Women Surfers

It’s part of a bigger initiative that seeks to promote female sport activism. I’ve been following them for a while, they’ve created some really good stuff.

  • Professor Krista Comer (author Surfer Girls in the New World Order, 2010)
  • Farhana Huq (founder, – I interviewed the lovely Farhana 2 years ago for Xookazine: read the interview here,
  • Dionne Ybarra (founder,,
  • Mira Manickham (founder,
  • 3x world champion longboarder, Cori Schumacher (,
Brown Girl Surf - Bangladeshi Surfer Girls

copyright Brown Girl Surf – Bangladeshi Surfer Girls

Maybe you’re surprised of the necessity to promote female surfing. After all, there has been so much development in boardsports for women over the last years, you see girls and women everywhere on the slopes, in the water or rolling along the street.

Even so, as I’ve experienced during my travels around the world, I am often still the only woman in the water. Unfortunately, surfing is still such a male-dominated sport.

Reducing gender inequality through female sports activism

What these projects also aim to do, is to promote female sport participation in places such as Iran, India and the Gaza Strip. And with that, they hope to eliminate cultural barriers and decrease gender inequality.

See e.g. the documentary ‘Into the Sea’, with female big wave surfer Easkey Britton embarking on a surf teaching adventure with 3 Iranian girls:

What are you gonna do for International Women’s Surfing Month?

Women all over the world are encouraged to organize events to promote female wave riding. Wave riding includes surfing, stand up paddling, body/boogie boarding, body surfing, kite surfing & wind surfing.

Even if it’s just you, or you and your friends, you can still participate. Go out, get into the water and enjoy your session! Let’s be grateful that we have the right and the opportunity to do that. And let’s hope that someday that will be the case for every girl and woman on this planet.

Visit International Women’s Surfing Month for more info and to sign up (in spirit).

Let’s get wet! ;-p

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